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Firestone Reviews

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  • Brakes on wrong

    I took my truck in just for a standard inspection because me and my family was traveling from Twentynine Palms CA to Missouri. I took it to the Firestone in Cathedral City, CA. We was told that my brakes and Rotors needed to be replaced so we said ok. To make a long story short they put my brakes on wrong and I let them know that when I tried to stop at a stop sign my truck kept on going they told me to bring it in, really my truck would not stop. Then I was told to have it towed to them ok on firestone right, nope they wanted me to pay 350.00 to have it towed to there shop. I am so upset... More...
    (Legal Services)
    Mommypist's Picture   Mommypist    0 Comments   Comments
  • Auto Repair

    I am long time customer for Firestone this location so two wick before Christmas we give my care to repair the manager give me price estimated and he explain me he did good gob my car problem is fixed I agree I pay 2600 after a 2 weak my care have the same problem I go back to store the manager not happy any way he have no choice he hold me my car one day and after 2 day the problems back more parts damaged this time The store manager he don't went see me even this is not my problems he's problems Why he ignore me why he discriminant me because of color ? He knows you go this... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Nebix's Picture   Nebix    0 Comments   Comments
  • tires and overall rewview

    Came to Firestone about 2 months ago for the first time, i thought great love them. Then the came time for me to go back and get two tires 05/11/2014. First they talked me into getting a tire that was more expensive than the ones that i originally wanted. They would have to order them in and it was a big story of how much better the more expensive tires would be for me, so i gave in and had them put on. So i go in to have an oil change on 06/29/2014 and they ask me if i want a courtesy inspection while my oil change is being done so i said yes why not. When i go back to pick up my car... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    JayGreenburg's Picture   JayGreenburg    1 Comments   Comments
  • $40 to Plug a Nail Hole!

    As we are new in town my wife went to the closest place to have a nail pulled from her tire and plugged. Firestone was the store and her service included re-balancing, the plug, sensor, and labor, all for $42.00. Are you kidding me; a simple tire plug costing half as much as most tires?! The labor was listed at $22.00 alone. Firestone has lost my business from the git-go; and they owe me $20.00 bucks. More...
    (Repair Services)
    2muchassessed's Picture   2muchassessed    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tires

    Every-time I go there they say they don't have time to fix a simple flat tire and that I have to leave my car over night.Their service in the past few years has gone downhill and I will not be returning and letting all my friends and family know off this horrible customer service.They don't care you have a flat in the cold just so they can get off in time. I will be canceling my credit card with them. More...
    (Repair Services)
    tmartinez23's Picture   tmartinez23    0 Comments   Comments
  • Car heater not working

    Couple of days when winter started, I realized my car(Honda pilot2004) had a problem with heater as i was getting only cold air from front vents. So I went to Firestone, jersey city. First they charged me $60.00 for inspection and they told me they have to flush coolant and reverse clean and flush heater core which cost $300 but they were not sure if it will solve the problem or not. So I paid $60 and took the car to one of my friend who is a mechanic. Guess what, he replaced heater valve(FSA74647) and charge me only $60. Thank you Firestone for an honest opinion and am not sorry to say... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Ashit's Picture   Ashit    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't waste your time or money

    This is ABSOLUTELY the LAST time Firestone touches one of our cars. Some history: 3 years ago my car wouldn't start and it was towed to our neighborhood Firestone 1st thing on a Monday morning. By mid-day no call from them. Husband calls later in day and they say I had driven with no oil and now need a new engine. Had driven the car all day the day before with no problems, no check service lights, oil pressure lights/gauges ok, no over heating.... Husband tells them to tow car back to our home and we will decide. They bring back NEXT DAY and all the parts were THROWN on the floor of... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
  • Firestone on Colorado Blvd, Denver CO

    Got four new tires and waited about 7 hours to have them put on. After receiving my vehicle and returned home I heard a hissing sound coming from one tire. It had been mounted wrong and was losing air. I returned back and got the tire remounted. I returned home. The next day my wife said that her car was shaking when she drove on the interstate. She took it to the Mercedes dealership thinking she needed an alignment. They told her the tires were never balanced. Guess what, I'm back for the third time. I have wasted a total of 12 hours of my time in this place for 4 new tires. Not happy More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Mercedes1's Picture   Mercedes1    0 Comments   Comments
  • simple oil change

    I bought my truck two days before i brought it there,by urge of my uncle.he comes down every year and has a firestone card so he likes to take me there and use some of it up,only for oil changes.I do not trust them with anything else..Any way,it was in the driveway for two days till i got it registered,We got that done and we decided to get the oil changed.I will never go there again,nor will i bring my lawnmower there.They try to rob you for everything under the sun.the truck drove F.I.N.E. and DID NOT drip anything on the ground,I know for a fact because i put a box down under the truck... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Crooks

    Took my car in because it needed a power steering pump replaced. They replaced it, but they installed it incorrectly, and their incorrect installation of course isn't covered by the warranty. So I had to take it in again because the pump was leaking about a quart of fluid a day, and they tell me in order to correct the problem they need to charge me $300 because they need to take the power steering pump out again to get to the line they botched up in the first place. They're crooks. Intentionally botching a job so they can "fix" it and charge you again. More...
    (Repair Services)
    asdfghjk6544's Picture   asdfghjk6544    1 Comments   Comments
  • Replacement of gas pad

    That store is a joke. Over price. and major attitude. Went in for a sensor replacement. 100$ diagnostic charge.. they promised 50$ off diagnostic if i used their branch..NEGATIVE only 20$ took 3 peoples attitude to even get that discount originally promised. It was in notes that discount was promised but service manager stated that the guy that offered it was new and didnt know why he offered 50.00 More...
    (Repair Services)
    Tanty7532's Picture   Tanty7532    1 Comments   Comments
  • Took vehicle in for State Inspection and Emissions

    I Took my work van into the banksville rd location of Firestone on 6/1/13 at 8:30 am for a state inspection and emissions inspection. Upon arrival the manager said that he would need it for a couple hours and take a look at it and give me a call. At 1:00pm a man named scott called me to ask me if I wanted to have the emissions done and a sticker put on the windshield that would need replaced to pass inspection. I instructed him to do the emissions and inspection and I would pay for a replacement sticker when I get the windshield replaced on monday 6/3/13. Scott said ok, i will give you a... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • worst mechanic ever

    Do not take your car to this people except maybe for a tire change. I took my car there for a tune up with no mechanical issue They charged me $500 for a tune up transmission flush and a break check. After about 4 hours I got my car back and before I got to my house 4 blocs away the traction control and the electric throttle light kick in., I made a u-turn went back to firestone and the guy who was working on my car told me that it was ok he explained to me that "the light is on because he cleaned the engine and the light will go off after one or 2 days of driving". I drove an... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    dodgecharger's Picture   dodgecharger    0 Comments   Comments
  • Firestone Complete overpriced auto care

    I have taken my truck for oil change and was charged for a inspection and wasn't asked for a inspection and the tires didn't look like they were rotated , and it seemed like i was arguing with the service counter person in, Beaverton Oregon, Cedar Hills 97005. I didn't feel right talking too the people at the counter and the technicians look like rats that never change uniforms , was told to have it in the morning but recieved it at 3:00pm with paint damages on the vehicle. Thes guys are overworked and on crack. I am very upset after talking with my kids and speaking good... More...
    rcmtelecom707's Picture   rcmtelecom707    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bull Sh*t repair's

    I took my car in for the free rotation and a flat repair since tires where bought there. I was told a stud and nut were missing on the rear tire. (lug nut and stud to hold tire on) I was then told they could fix it for 83.00 while I waited. Being somewhat mechanically inclined, I told them no and figured I would do it myself for less money. I left and checked the stud myself. It wasn't missing at all. The lug nut was missing but the stud was fine, threads and all. I went to Auto Zone and bought a new lug nut and put it on for 2.49. I have bought several sets of tires from... More...
    (Repair Services)
    thiefs's Picture   thiefs    0 Comments   Comments
  • Firestone:oil change

    I am VERY disappointed at the service I received. On my 3,000 mile return visit, I was told that "oil was leaking from somewhere." They wanted to charge me $41 to even CHECK to see where the leak was coming from. I opted to take it to a mechanic instead. The "leak" was happening because they made a careless mistake: they didn't change the O ring. Needless to say, I won't be back and will discourage people from using their services. I guess there's a reason their specialty is tires, not oil. More...
    (Repair Services)
    Afarrell's Picture   Afarrell    0 Comments   Comments
  • Firestone Suburban had an oil leak

    My family took our vehicle for an oil leak & they wanted to charge us $200 to fix it..the truck comes out & it still has an oil leak. We talked to the supervisor & manager, both gaves us crap about why the leak was still there & now they have to change other parts on it & of course they want to charge some more money..I talked to the district manager when I called to complain, I also asked for a refund on what they had done to it the first time because it didnt come out fixed or anything. He assured me that if I went there the next day they would give my money. Well I... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Yuliana's Picture   Yuliana    0 Comments   Comments
  • Warranty A Waiste of Money

    Paid extra for the tire warranty and service. At time of purchase many promises were issues and the service clearly states that Firestone will fix or replace tires if there is a leak or other problem. At two different Firestone garages [Bolling AFB & Andrews AFB] I was put off for other "paying now" costumers multiple times; They must of thought I was not paying attention. It was so bad that even after they took my car in I saw the guy that was assigned to my car working on other cars while I waited. The first time they had my car in they stated that they could not find a... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Johngarske's Picture   Johngarske    0 Comments   Comments

    i went to the one in Bruce b Downs for oil change .after about a month past i just decide to check the oil and it was so low that if i did not check it i was going to blow my engine out .this MTF a joke .plus they never change my oil filter .my filter its easy to spot and when i check it it was from my last oil change from a different shop .i went back there and want me to pay 40$ to check for oil leak .and i told them to fuck them self .never ever going there again . SCAMMERSSSS------------------ More...
    (Repair Services)
    dina1888's Picture   dina1888    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad service

    My son drove his car to Firestone in port Richey Florida, the brakes were not too good but was still OK to drive, after the stimate we decide not do the repair at Firestone was to much just for brakes,, my son went to drive the car off the parking lot and could not brake at all.....almost crash his car in another car.... we HAD to repair the car there, and of course they found so many other things to fixed. DDon't trust them unless you know a lot about mecanic. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ROSALINA's Picture   ROSALINA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest Business Practice

    I believe it is their deliberate business model to provide a service and use inferior parts so they fail within the warranty period. They honor the warranty by replacing the part but you still pay for the labor. Examples: I paid for the lifetime Alignment and when I brought my vehicle in they routinely checked the alignment and stated that all was good. In spite of the warranty and assurances that the front end was checked regularly. My Firestone tires all wore unevenly and needed replacement within the tire warranty. They offered a discount on the unused tread but I still paid hundreds... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    drawde31751's Picture   drawde31751    0 Comments   Comments
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